Download RightFont for free. Well, almost. Just use FontBase instead!

FontBase is a free, beautifully crafted font manager for designers, that gives you all the possibilities of RightFont. No ads, no yearly purchases of updates, no bullshit.


Awesome features for free

Font Activation

Any font can be activated in a single click, making it available for usage across your whole system. No more need to install. Ever. You can also activate a whole collection or folder at once.

Nested Folders

Just drag and drop your folders into FontBase, and watch the magic happen. All folders and subfolders with fonts will be displayed nicely in the app.


Organize your fonts and create multiple collections for different purposes. Any collection can be activated, making all the fonts in it available instantly!


All changes in your file system will be displayed immediately inside FontBase. You can add a folder from Dropbox and use that to sync your fonts across multiple desktops.

Epic Performance

Performance is super important for us. There is no difference if your collection has 10 or 10000 fonts — the app will work at the same blazing speed every time.

Beautiful UI

We are also designers, just like you. And because of that, we love beautiful and easy to use apps. This is reflected in the interface and all the features in FontBase.

People love FontBase