Added Mac version


Added Linux version

Double yay!

Added font activation

Now you can activate a single font and it will be available across your whole system!

Added nested folder support

Just drag and drop a folder with subfolders into FontBase and let the magic do the rest!

Added autosync

Now all the changes in added folders are tracked automatically and displayed immediately in FontBase.

Improved collections

Now you can rename a collection and delete fonts from it.

Greatly improved performance

FontBase now works even faster!

A lot of bug fixes

And a lot of sweat and tears, also.

  • Absolutely new and improved UI.

  • We have entirely rebuilt the whole app. We now use React as our main engine. This will allow us to make improvements much more quickly in the future and the overall stability of the app is greatly improved.

  • You can now activate all fonts in a collection or folder by clicking the circle on its left.

  • You can now select multiple fonts by holding Shift and clicking on them.

  • You can now delete a font from a collection by selecting it and starting to drag it. You will see a delete section on the right side of the app. Just drop the font there and it will be removed from a collection.

  • You can now rename a collection by clicking on its name while it is selected.

  • Improved font rendering speed. Now works better with large-size font files.

  • Improved font analyzing. The app should now recognize fonts better.

  • All activated fonts are deactivated when the app is closed and re-activated when it is opened again.

  • Temporarily removed text alignment and opentype features while we're working on a better implementation.

  • Temporarily removed the 'apply text style' feature while we're working on a better implementation.

  • Improved local database speed and management.

  • Added an indicator to show when an update is downloading and when it is ready to install.

  • Automatic updates should now work on every OS.

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