Added Awesome

AWSM is our paid pro subscription with a set of additional features. It should help us dedicate more time to FontBase development and improvement.

Added Preview (BETA)

In preview mode you can experiment with font combinations and see how your fonts will look like in real environment.

Added grid view (AWSM)

You can now preview your fonts in a grid layout.

Improved interface

We want to try different and better things, so we made some changes to our UI and color scheme. Tell us what you think about it!

Improved font sync

Fonts should not randomly disappear anymore!

Improved font display

Fonts should now display much faster and without any artifacts.

  • To read more about the Awesome version, click on the 'Become Awesome' button at the top right of the app and then select 'What's Awesome?'. The AWSM version gives you additional features for a small monthly/yearly fee. We are launching Awesome with only one feature for now, but we'll constantly keep adding new features to it.

  • To access the preview mode, click the Preview tab at the top of the app window. Here you can select an element to change its font size, line height, font family and paddings. All elements with the same name on the page share the same style, so they are updated together. This feature is still in beta and we will add much more functionality to it soon!

  • Added a right-click context menu for each font. Right now you can select 'Go to file' to open the font file in your computer's file system.

  • Implemented login functionality for the Awesome version.

  • Added font sub family to the font name.

  • Windows size is now saved and restored after app restart.

  • Clicking a folder without subfolders should not go inside of it anymore.

  • The search text is now selected when you click on the search box.

  • Improved tooltips: they are now displayed more reliably and should not be cut off by window anymore.

  • You can now unselect all selected fonts by clicking on the selection count at the bottom right of the app.

  • There is now a loading indicator when new folders/fonts are being processed.

  • Fonts can now be displayed in multiple lines.

  • Cmd and Shift keys can now be used on Mac for selecting fonts as you would expect.

  • Fonts are now displayed using a pure web render. This means you will see fonts in the same way people see fonts in the browser.

  • Fixed a rare bug where spacing between the letters in preview was too big.

  • Replaced the donation screen with the Awesome subscription suggestion.

  • Added a log file. We are now logging all the critical app info and errors into a log file on your computer. Sending the log file should help us determine what has caused the problem and fix it much faster.

  • Refactored code structure to help us work on new features faster.

  • Updated the logo. Now with 36% more love.

  • Added 'Favorite tweets' section on the website.

  • Small bug fixes and improvements.

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