Automatic updates can now be disabled

Go to the FontBase settings page to toggle them on or off.

New auto-activation plugins

Improved performance and completely rewritten code.

Improved notifications

You can now see notifications on any page, including critical errors and warnings.

  • Auto-activation plugins for Creative Cloud apps were completely rewritten from scratch. They should perform better now and no longer cause your applications to hang or crash. CC 2020 applications should now work with auto-activation properly.

  • Auto-activation should now be more reliable.

  • Added a section in settings where you can manage plugin installation based on where your Creative Cloud apps are.

  • Updates are now being checked every hour while the app is running.

  • Changed and improved popup styles. Popups are not blocking the entire screen anymore.

  • Installation directory can now be selected during setup.

  • Removed constant network connection status checking.

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