Crowd tags

You can now create your own tags and see default and crowd tags.

Unique fonts

FontBase now only displays one copy per font.

Updated search

You can now use keywords in the search field and search by tags.

Updated UI

We made some quality of life changes.

Improved collections

Collection info is now stored even if you delete your font files.

Improved login

No more random logouts!

  • You can now right-click on a single selected font or fonts and add tags to them. If your tag is in our specified list, it is added to our database. When three or more FontBase users add the same tag to the same font, the tag is promoted and becomes a crowd tag. Crowd tags are synchronized on startup and you'll see them added to the font by default.

  • Tags are currenly visible only on the family details page.

  • You can select multiple fonts or families to add multiple tags at once.

  • Search now supports keywords: name, tags, contrast, proportion, weight, xHeight. You can combine these keywords to narrow down your search results, e.g.: "name: open sans tags: bold weight: 0.4-0.7".

  • FontBase will now only add one font file per unique font name. I.e., if you have some duplicates of a single font file in your collection, only the first of them will be added. This change is really important and will help us improve many other aspects of FontBase, some of them described below.

  • Collections now remember the added fonts, even if you delete the font files completely. This should drastically improve your experience with collections and collection sync through cloud drives and multiple machines. This also makes collections file-independent, which is also a big improvement.

  • Logging in once will keep you signed in forever (or until you log out manually). Your subscription will be checked periodically and you will see a notification if all your subscriptions have expired.

  • Updated auto-activation plugins for Mac to be properly signed.

  • Added a help icon in the top right corner of the window, featuring some helpful links, version and update info.

  • Added a "Restart to update" button inside the new help menu

  • Text preview box is now always visible at the bottom.

  • Updated Google Fonts provider to now include 3000+ fonts.

  • Font names are now colored accordingly to the main font preview color.

  • Font selection is now displayed by highlighting the font name.

  • The app synchronization indicator is now displayed under the navigation buttons on the left.

  • SuperSearch now appears to the left of the font list.

  • Fixed app crashes on Linux machines.

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