Creative Cloud 2021 support

Added plugins for the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Improved duplicates

You can now view all duplicates of a font, with the ability to select which one to activate or remove.

Delete to recycle bin

On deletion font files are now moved to the recycle bin.

  • In the previous version we have allowed you to add only one version of a font. That was a bad decision, and many of you did not like it, so we changed it! Now you can add any number of duplicates/versions for a font and all of them will be viewable on the font family page. You can then decide which version exactly you want to activate or remove.

  • Pinning a font now pins only one version of it, instead of the entire family.

  • You can now delete multiple font files through the font menu.

  • You can now remove individual fonts from Google provider.

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