Resizable sidebar

You can now drag the edge of the sidebar to change its size.

Add fonts directly to folders and collections!

Just select a collection or folder and add new fonts/folders using the plus menu, or simply drag and drop fonts over a folder/collection.

Collapsible sidebar sections

To maximize vertical screen space, you can now collapse individual sidebar sections (Collections, Providers, Folders).

Improved scroll

Scroll position is no longer reset when fonts are added to or removed from selected collection or folder. This should result in a much better experience when working with the Active and Inactive collections.

Improved folder view

All folders are now displayed in a tree-like structure for better overview. You can click on a folder to expand it, second click collapses it back.

Improved network watching

Watching network folders works much better now, performs faster, and uses less resources overall. Moving FontBase root to a network location now works better too.

Improved launch speed and memory usage

FontBase now launches up to x3 faster! Memory usage reduced by up to 50% on some systems.

  • The folder menu can now be accessed by right-clicking the folder.

  • The collection menu can now be accessed by right-clicking the collection.

  • Fonts in list are scrolled one by one now, instead of the default scrolling behavior.

  • Search now works automatically as you type, no need to press Enter anymore!

  • Improved SuperSearch visual style and position. SuperSearch can now be accessed by clicking the bolt icon near the search bar.

  • Added a setting that allows to customize the font list scroll speed.

  • Fixed an issue where inactive fonts and their number were displayed incorrectly.

  • Fixed an issue where folders with nested subfolders were not properly deleted.

  • Fixed an issue where deleted fonts and folders were not moved to recycle bin properly.

  • Fixed an issue where FontBase was not properly signed on MacOS and could not be verified.

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