Package collections into archives

When right-clicking a collection, you will now see a 'Package' option. This will allow you to pick a location where a .zip archive with all collection fonts will be created and saved for you.

Updated notifications

Updated some notification texts to be more consistent and easier to read.

  • Fixed an issue on macOS where the app window was not correctly shown on tray icon click.

  • Fixed an issue where a font was displayed as squares if you deleted a duplicate.

  • Fixed an issue where the database was not saved correctly on app exit.

  • Fixed an issue where the Photoshop plugin was not available for install.

  • Fixed an issue where the Illustrator plugin was not working with the newest Illustrator update.

  • Updated links in the About menu: added forum and Twitter links.

  • Updated notifications when fonts are removed from the app.

  • A font is now considered active if any one of its possible duplicates is active in any folder. Previously we only considered the current folder for this.

  • Added activation/deactivation options to folder and collection popup menus.

  • CC plugins are no longer installed for non-AWSM users on app update.

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