Light, dark and classic themes

Awesome subscribers can now switch between new light and dark themes, as well ass the classic interface.

Recent collection

With this new default collection, you can view the last 100 fonts that were added to FontBase, ordered by date.

Improved view switching

When switching between the grid and list view, the preview text, color and font size are now saved per view.

Interface cleanup

Removed all unnecessary lines and dividers. Rounded up some corners. Cleaned up some dust.

  • Added theme selection on the settings page.

  • Added one-key shortcuts for adding watched folder (W), regular folder (D), font (F) and collection (C).

  • Improved collection creation: when creating a new collection, its name is now focused by default, so you can start entering text immediately.

  • Improved collection renaming: double click a collection to rename it.

  • Removed collection creation popup: the new collection is now added to collections list immediately.

  • Fixed an issue where the color picker was closed immediately when you clicked it.

  • Fixed an issue where auto-activation plugins were installed even if no Awesome subscription was active.

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