Improved SuperSearch

You can now search for tags directly from the SuperSearch sidebar! We have also added buttons to select visual properties directly: high contrast, narrow width... all of them! Also, SuperSearch now has sections, that can be collapsed and expanded and remember their state. And lastly, SuperSearch can now be accessed using the bolt icon on the left side of the window, just under the Organize icon.

Tooltips rework

Tooltips should now be shown feaster and more precise as before.

  • Added a YouTube tutorials link to the About menu.

  • Added tooltips to window navigation icons on the left.

  • Fixed an issue when the root folder was not available on FontBase start: now FontBase will wait until the root folder becomes available instead of re-creating an empty root from scratch.

  • Fixed an issue where network folders could not be deleted through the app.

  • Fixed rounding issues in SuperSearch charts and values.

  • Fixed an issue where the FontBase install directory could be selected as root. That's a no-no.

  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to select a folder name that started with 'FontBase' as root.

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