Added Google fonts support

Activated Collect tab. Now you can activate and use any font from Google library in a single click! Just like local fonts.

Added grouping by family

All fonts are now grouped by font family.

Added specimen page

When opening a font family, a Specimen page with all the font styles will be displayed. We will add more features to this page in the next release!

Bug fixes

Various bug fixes and improvements.

  • To use Google fonts, head over to the Collect tab. Here you can search by font name and browse all available Google fonts. All fonts are displayed from the web, so you will need an internet connection to be able to activate these fonts. All activated fonts will also be displayed in the Organize tab in the new Providers section. We will add many more providers to the Collect tab in the near future!

  • All fonts in a collection or folder are now grouped by font family. So if you have any fonts from one family in a collection/folder, they all will be grouped together. You can activate, favorite, pin and add to collections the entire family or a single font. Clicking the second time on a selected family will open up the Specimen page, containing all fonts from this family.

  • Fixed occasional app crashes on font sync.

  • Font sync process should consume less CPU now.

  • Fixed the bug when the app was crashing if a folder was removed while the folder tree was open in the 'Folders' section.

  • All Mac edit shortcuts (Cmd+C, Cmd+V) should work properly now. You can also use emoji now :)

  • Improved error reporting and logging.

  • Improved general app speed on Windows.

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