Moved to the single-folder structure

Now all your fonts are backed up in a safe folder inside your home dir. You can move the folder to any location via settings if you want to.

Added Glyphs page

You can now view and copy any glyph for any font in the Specimen page!

Added 'minimize to tray' (AWSM)

If you are an Awesome user, you can now minimize the app into your system tray.

CPU usage is now 0%

We changed the sync algorithm, so now FontBase consumes almost no processor time.

New improved interface

We're back to black sidebar! Lovely.

  • All fonts and folders that you add to FontBase are now copied to a safe folder in your home directory. You can change the location of FontBase directory in the new Settings page, accessible by clicking the 'three dots' icon at the bottom left corner of the app.

  • You can move the FontBase root folder to Dropbox to sync between multiple computers!Take a look

  • The new Glyphs feature is available for everyone. Free users can view only a limited number of glyphs and Awesome subscribers can view all of them. You can view the Glyphs panel by opening the Specimen page and then selecting the 'Glyphs' tab at the top.

  • You can copy any glyph to clipboard by simply clicking on it.

  • For Awesome users, to minimize FontBase to tray hold Alt and click on the 'minimize window' button.

  • Separate font files can now be added to the app and can be found in the 'All' collection.

  • Added Settings page. For now you can only change the default font size and the FontBase root folder. More settings on the way!;

  • We have reorganized the UI. Now the page tabs are on the left side and the sidebar is black. In this view it is much easier to tell what folders and collections are active and there is now a clear separation between the sidebar and main content.

  • Fixed login issues with new domain emails (like .design)

  • The entire sidebar is now displayed as a single list with a single scroll. This greatly improves navigation and overall experience.

  • On Windows, the app window controls now look like standard Windows controls.

  • Improved visibility of the Windows app icon.

  • Mac app now has a new icon.

  • Improved tooltip display and rendering.

  • Improved overall app speed on Windows.

  • You can now see a loading progress indicator when downloading an update.

  • The app now knows when an internet connection is present.

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