Added 'watched folders' setting

You can now add folders as links that will be watched instead of copied to root.

Added 'default preview text' setting

You can now set the default preview text on the Settings tab.

Minor bug fixes

  • You can now add fonts to FontBase using two options. By default, when you drag a font or folder into the app, it will be copied to the root folder (you can also copy files manually to that location) and safely stored there. With the new 'watched folders' option, when dragging a folder into FontBase, only a link to it will be created in the FontBase root. So files will not be copied and only the original files and folders will be watched for changes. Any new files added to watched paths will be displayed immediately in FontBase. Use this way of managing fonts if you liked the older version of FontBase.

  • Disabled the ability to launch two FontBase instances at once.

  • Fixed the bug when fonts were not activated if the file path contained special characters.

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