Reworked Google fonts

Now you can add them to collections like any other font!

Improved collection/folder deletion

Now you need to open a menu and click 'Delete' in order to delete a collection or folder. No more accidents!

Reworked text preview field

You can now change the preview text by pressing Enter at any time.

Better support for packaging

Fonts are now named properly when activated and packaged.

  • The 'Google fonts' tab has now moved to the Providers section in the main Organize display. You can now add Google fonts to collections like any other font. We also added an indicator to distinguish between Google fonts and your local fonts (seen by the shape of the activate button to the left of the font name).

  • Code structure refactoring and improvement: a foundation for the tag support to come.

  • Internet connection check should now be more reliable and is displayed as a closable bar at the top of the app window.

  • You can now delete font files using the context menu.

  • Ninja feature: you can now add fonts from the web directly into the app by copying a font link and pressing Ctrl+U (Command+U) in the app. More on this in the next update.

  • You can now preview Google fonts in the Preview tab.

  • Improved font sync for network folders.

  • Added missing Google fonts.

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