Tags — stage one

We are starting to introduce tags for fonts! You'll see tags appearing on your fonts gradually in the coming days.

You can now remove Google fonts

As many of you requested, you can now entirely remove the Google Provider from your collections.

Improved performance and stability

  • In this update, we are trying to introduce a so called Crowd Tags™ system. With this system, every tag that you apply to a font is uploaded to our servers. If we collect more than a certain number of the same tag applied to a font, we promote the tag and it is then displayed as default for that particular font. This system will allow us to create a database of tagged fonts collectively with your help!

  • Updated app icon to match the website.

  • Minimal font size is now set to 6px instead of 2px.

  • Internet connection check should now be more reliable.

  • Activated font names on Linux should now be displayed properly.

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