Changed how 'minimize to tray' works

It is now available for everyone and can be managed in settings.

Added 'Start on system start'

If turned on in settings, FontBase will start when you start your computer.

Added 'Start hidden'

If turned on in settings, FontBase will start hidden in tray without showing the main window.

Various fixes and improvements

  • With the three new features added ('Minimize to tray', 'Start on system start' and 'Start hidden') everyone can now use FontBase as a background process that covers all the font-related needs. FontBase will now always start in system tray first, so watch for the icon! You can toggle all of the above options in the app settings. We hope you like the new workflow!

  • Fixed the internet connection checker issue, it should now work more reliably.

  • Cmd+H now works properly on Mac!

  • Backend refactoring and updates.

  • Also, we have a blog now!

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