Improved search

We made some quality of life improvement to our search bar.

Improved font rendering

Fonts should now be displayed faster.

Improved grid view

We now display more grid columns if there's enough screen width.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • The preview text field at the bottom now displays the actual entered text.

  • The 'View details' link is now displayed when you hover over a font.

  • Missing font glyphs should now be displayed as proper .notdef symbols.

  • The search bar has moved and is now at the top right.

  • Added a 'clear' button to the search field.

  • The grid view now fits a lot more fonts at the same time.

  • Changed the look of the font 'list view' icon. It now works the same way as the 'text alignment' icon.

  • Improved font list rendering. Fonts should not jump anymore when changing the styles or scrolling throught the list.

  • Fixed the bug where the app crashed when trying to set the tray icon.

  • Fixed the bug where the app crashed on network error.

  • Cleaned up the font item UI. There's now less padding and much more space is used more efficiently.

  • Added a small border to the whole window on Windows.

  • Small changes to the top panel look and feel.

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