Collection sync

Awesome subscribers will be able to sync collections through any cloud drive, like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Watched folders changes

We removed this setting, but added a button that allows you to add a folder that will be watched for file chages.

UI improvements

We made some tweaks here and there to make your life easier.

  • Awesome subscribers can activate collection auto-sync in settings, or import and export collections manually using a button. If auto-sync is enabled, collections are being synchronized when you open (collections are imported) or close (collections are exported) FontBase. The collections sync file is located at FontBase/.fontbase/collections.X.X.X. Currently, collection sync is only possible between the same versions of FontBase.

  • Added font extension display (OTF/TTF) to family and font names.

  • Added a visual representation for watchedf folders: they are now shown with an eye icon on the left.

  • The settings icon is now just below the other page icons on the left.

  • You can now add a collection quickly by using the Alt+C shortcut.

  • On Windows, activated fonts are now also added to registry. This should improve font visibility for some applications.

  • Updated some UI components to look more consistent though the interface.

  • Updated the settings page look and feel.

  • Fonts should now be grouped into families more correctly.

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