FontBase is a blazing fast, beautiful and free font manager for designers.

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Version 0.2.1 Beta, For Windows 7 or higher
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The features:

Don't read these, because reading is boring. Better just watch the video above.

Easy text styling

Simply change the color, background, font size, line height and align of your fonts. Apply styles to the whole collection or just to individually selected fonts.



There is a number of predefined collections, such as recently added fonts (really useful), Typekit fonts and favorites. You can also create as many collections as you like by yourself.


Live text editing

Just press Enter and start typing. You'll see the sample text changing live for all fonts. You can also select a font and change the sample text individually, if you want to.


Live search

Start typing your search query, and you'll see the found fonts displaying in FontBase window immediately. As easy as that.


Font comparing

Tired of scrolling up and down when you need to compare two fonts? In FontBase, you can simply pin a font to top and easily compare it to any other font in your collection.


OpenType features

We support a broad number of OpenType features. That includes ligatures, tabular figures, super and subscript, swashes, old style figures and some more!


Automagic updates

You can be sure, you'll always use the latest version of FontBase, because guess what? Automatic updates! No need to re-download. Ever.


Keyboard Shortcuts

Obvious and easy to remember shortcuts. Like Ctrl+F for search, or Enter for live text editing, or Ctrl+Scroll for changing font size. As easy as that!

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