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FontBase installation is really simple. Just download an installation package using any of the links on our website. Do not download FontBase from other resources, as we can not guarantee the safety of any of these resources.

After you have downloaded the installation package, simply run it. FontBase will install automatically in a pre-defined folder. For Mac, the default installation location is the Applications directory. For Windows, the default path is C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\FontBase.

Adding Fonts

By default, FontBase recognizes only your system installed fonts. So your user fonts on Mac will be not displayed by default. To add your fonts, simply drag and drop a folder with fonts into the FontBase app window. For now, we only support dragging in folder, so do not drag individual font files, they will be ignored.

After you have dragged in a folder, all supported fonts from it will be analyzed and displayed in the app. Right now we support only .OTF and .TTF font file extensions, so only these fonts will be displayed. All other fonts will be ignored.

The added folders always stay in sync inside FontBase. So if you add fonts into the folder in your file system, they will be synced and displayed in FontBase immediately. The same goes for folders. FontBase will always display your actual folder structure in your file system, giving you the ability to manage it freely.


You can uninstall FontBase from your system, as you would do with any other software. But, by default, after the uninstallation, FontBase keeps some data files on your computer. These are the files that contain your configuration data and also your database: your collections, folder structure, active and inactive font lists. If you want to uninstall FontBase completely you need to make sure to delete these files as well. The folders containing them are located at:

  • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/FontBase
  • Windows: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\FontBase
Removing these folders can also help you to rebuild the database, if the app got stuck at some point.