Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the app .exe installer was not properly signed.

  • Fixed an issue where the app was not properly updating on Windows machines.

  • Fixed "e.get is not a function" that occurred on some machines.

Added ability to sort fonts

You can now use the sort icon that is located on the right of the search bar to sort and order your fonts! The currently available sort options are: A-Z, Date Added, Foundry, and Random.

  • Fixed an issue where tags were not displayed and searched correctly.

  • Fixed an issue "R is not a function", that occurred on some machines.

  • Updated most of the application backend to use the latest modules.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where non-M1 2024 plugins were missing on Mac.

  • Updated Google Fonts list with all the latest fonts.

Adobe CC 2024 support

Added support for the latest Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign CC 2024 releases.

    Native Apple Silicon (M1) support

    FontBase for Mac is now distributed as a Universal binary, which means it will run natively on both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs. The performance on M1 Macs is significantly improved.

    Mac plugin improvements

    From now on, only M1 plugins will be displayed and installed on Apple Silicon macs, and only Intel plugins on Intel Macs.

      Bug fixes and improvements

      • Fixed an issue where the new 2023 plugins were not showing up in the app settings.

      • Fixed an issue where the app window was disappearing and never appearing again on some systems.

      • Updated Google Fonts list with all the latest fonts.

      • Pressing ESC now properly closes modal windows.

      Adobe CC 2023 support

      Added support for the latest Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign CC 2022 releases.

        Apple M1 plugin support

        Our Adobe CC plugins now finally natively support Apple Silicon (M1) chips. Simply delete the old 2022 plugins in FontBase settings, and install the M1 version instead.

        • Fixed an issue where opening and closing Illustrator, InDesign or Photoshop documents took too long when auto-activation was enabled in FontBase.

        • Updated plugins settings section layout.

        • SuperSearch scroll should now be properly visible when needed.

        Adobe CC 2022 support

        Added support for the latest Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign CC 2022 releases. For now, plugins work only in Rosetta mode on Mac.

          Improved collection sync

          It's now possible to select the location of the exported collection file during export and import, and sync collections between different versions of FontBase. Collection sync should also work better over the local network now.

          • Updated Google Fonts to the latest version.

          • Improved SuperSearch: tags that aren't assigned to any fonts are now hidden in the SuperSearch panel.

          • Tags in SuperSearch are now displayed in alphabetical order.

          • Fixed a font activation issue on Linux.

          • Added an error message when a font cannot be downloaded.

          • Fixed app freeze when activating a large number of fonts.

          • Fixed an issue where watched folders could not be added to a network root folder.

          • Probably fixed a hard to catch error that occurred during app shutdown.

          • Finally fixed a long lasting critical issue where the app was uninstalled on Windows machines during an update.

          Added sample text variants

          You can now select different text samples by clicking the triangle icon on the right side of sample text box (bottom right corner of the window). The sample text variants can be changed on the settings page.

          • Fixed a critical issue where fonts could not be activated on Mac.

          • Fixed a critical issue where the FontBase root folder was not created at first time launch.

          Improved SuperSearch

          You can now search for tags directly from the SuperSearch sidebar! We have also added buttons to select visual properties directly: high contrast, narrow width... all of them! Also, SuperSearch now has sections, that can be collapsed and expanded and remember their state. And lastly, SuperSearch can now be accessed using the bolt icon on the left side of the window, just under the Organize icon.

          Tooltips rework

          Tooltips should now be shown feaster and more precise as before.

          • Added a YouTube tutorials link to the About menu.

          • Added tooltips to window navigation icons on the left.

          • Fixed an issue when the root folder was not available on FontBase start: now FontBase will wait until the root folder becomes available instead of re-creating an empty root from scratch.

          • Fixed an issue where network folders could not be deleted through the app.

          • Fixed rounding issues in SuperSearch charts and values.

          • Fixed an issue where the FontBase install directory could be selected as root. That's a no-no.

          • Fixed an issue where users were unable to select a folder name that started with 'FontBase' as root.

          Light, dark and classic themes

          Awesome subscribers can now switch between new light and dark themes, as well ass the classic interface.

          Recent collection

          With this new default collection, you can view the last 100 fonts that were added to FontBase, ordered by date.

          Improved view switching

          When switching between the grid and list view, the preview text, color and font size are now saved per view.

          Interface cleanup

          Removed all unnecessary lines and dividers. Rounded up some corners. Cleaned up some dust.

          • Added theme selection on the settings page.

          • Added one-key shortcuts for adding watched folder (W), regular folder (D), font (F) and collection (C).

          • Improved collection creation: when creating a new collection, its name is now focused by default, so you can start entering text immediately.

          • Improved collection renaming: double click a collection to rename it.

          • Removed collection creation popup: the new collection is now added to collections list immediately.

          • Fixed an issue where the color picker was closed immediately when you clicked it.

          • Fixed an issue where auto-activation plugins were installed even if no Awesome subscription was active.

          Package collections into archives

          When right-clicking a collection, you will now see a 'Package' option. This will allow you to pick a location where a .zip archive with all collection fonts will be created and saved for you.

          Updated notifications

          Updated some notification texts to be more consistent and easier to read.

          • Fixed an issue on macOS where the app window was not correctly shown on tray icon click.

          • Fixed an issue where a font was displayed as squares if you deleted a duplicate.

          • Fixed an issue where the database was not saved correctly on app exit.

          • Fixed an issue where the Photoshop plugin was not available for install.

          • Fixed an issue where the Illustrator plugin was not working with the newest Illustrator update.

          • Updated links in the About menu: added forum and Twitter links.

          • Updated notifications when fonts are removed from the app.

          • A font is now considered active if any one of its possible duplicates is active in any folder. Previously we only considered the current folder for this.

          • Added activation/deactivation options to folder and collection popup menus.

          • CC plugins are no longer installed for non-AWSM users on app update.

          • Fixed an issue where the Activator worker was not found on some Windows systems.

          • Fixed an issue where collections were wiped during update.

          • Fixed an issue on Windows when the Activator worker was crashing unexpectedly.

          • Fixed an issue with missing scroll reference on the families list page.

          Resizable sidebar

          You can now drag the edge of the sidebar to change its size.

          Add fonts directly to folders and collections!

          Just select a collection or folder and add new fonts/folders using the plus menu, or simply drag and drop fonts over a folder/collection.

          Collapsible sidebar sections

          To maximize vertical screen space, you can now collapse individual sidebar sections (Collections, Providers, Folders).

          Improved scroll

          Scroll position is no longer reset when fonts are added to or removed from selected collection or folder. This should result in a much better experience when working with the Active and Inactive collections.

          Improved folder view

          All folders are now displayed in a tree-like structure for better overview. You can click on a folder to expand it, second click collapses it back.

          Improved network watching

          Watching network folders works much better now, performs faster, and uses less resources overall. Moving FontBase root to a network location now works better too.

          Improved launch speed and memory usage

          FontBase now launches up to x3 faster! Memory usage reduced by up to 50% on some systems.

          • The folder menu can now be accessed by right-clicking the folder.

          • The collection menu can now be accessed by right-clicking the collection.

          • Fonts in list are scrolled one by one now, instead of the default scrolling behavior.

          • Search now works automatically as you type, no need to press Enter anymore!

          • Improved SuperSearch visual style and position. SuperSearch can now be accessed by clicking the bolt icon near the search bar.

          • Added a setting that allows to customize the font list scroll speed.

          • Fixed an issue where inactive fonts and their number were displayed incorrectly.

          • Fixed an issue where folders with nested subfolders were not properly deleted.

          • Fixed an issue where deleted fonts and folders were not moved to recycle bin properly.

          • Fixed an issue where FontBase was not properly signed on MacOS and could not be verified.

          Creative Cloud 2021 support

          Added plugins for the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

          Improved duplicates

          You can now view all duplicates of a font, with the ability to select which one to activate or remove.

          Delete to recycle bin

          On deletion font files are now moved to the recycle bin.

          • In the previous version we have allowed you to add only one version of a font. That was a bad decision, and many of you did not like it, so we changed it! Now you can add any number of duplicates/versions for a font and all of them will be viewable on the font family page. You can then decide which version exactly you want to activate or remove.

          • Pinning a font now pins only one version of it, instead of the entire family.

          • You can now delete multiple font files through the font menu.

          • You can now remove individual fonts from Google provider.

          Crowd tags

          You can now create your own tags and see default and crowd tags.

          Unique fonts

          FontBase now only displays one copy per font.

          Updated search

          You can now use keywords in the search field and search by tags.

          Updated UI

          We made some quality of life changes.

          Improved collections

          Collection info is now stored even if you delete your font files.

          Improved login

          No more random logouts!

          • You can now right-click on a single selected font or fonts and add tags to them. If your tag is in our specified list, it is added to our database. When three or more FontBase users add the same tag to the same font, the tag is promoted and becomes a crowd tag. Crowd tags are synchronized on startup and you'll see them added to the font by default.

          • Tags are currenly visible only on the family details page.

          • You can select multiple fonts or families to add multiple tags at once.

          • Search now supports keywords: name, tags, contrast, proportion, weight, xHeight. You can combine these keywords to narrow down your search results, e.g.: "name: open sans tags: bold weight: 0.4-0.7".

          • FontBase will now only add one font file per unique font name. I.e., if you have some duplicates of a single font file in your collection, only the first of them will be added. This change is really important and will help us improve many other aspects of FontBase, some of them described below.

          • Collections now remember the added fonts, even if you delete the font files completely. This should drastically improve your experience with collections and collection sync through cloud drives and multiple machines. This also makes collections file-independent, which is also a big improvement.

          • Logging in once will keep you signed in forever (or until you log out manually). Your subscription will be checked periodically and you will see a notification if all your subscriptions have expired.

          • Updated auto-activation plugins for Mac to be properly signed.

          • Added a help icon in the top right corner of the window, featuring some helpful links, version and update info.

          • Added a "Restart to update" button inside the new help menu

          • Text preview box is now always visible at the bottom.

          • Updated Google Fonts provider to now include 3000+ fonts.

          • Font names are now colored accordingly to the main font preview color.

          • Font selection is now displayed by highlighting the font name.

          • The app synchronization indicator is now displayed under the navigation buttons on the left.

          • SuperSearch now appears to the left of the font list.

          • Fixed app crashes on Linux machines.

          Bug fixes

          • InDesign 2018 plugin is now correctly displayed and can be installed from the settings menu.

          • Really long notifications are now properly trimmed.

          Automatic updates can now be disabled

          Go to the FontBase settings page to toggle them on or off.

          New auto-activation plugins

          Improved performance and completely rewritten code.

          Improved notifications

          You can now see notifications on any page, including critical errors and warnings.

          • Auto-activation plugins for Creative Cloud apps were completely rewritten from scratch. They should perform better now and no longer cause your applications to hang or crash. CC 2020 applications should now work with auto-activation properly.

          • Auto-activation should now be more reliable.

          • Added a section in settings where you can manage plugin installation based on where your Creative Cloud apps are.

          • Updates are now being checked every hour while the app is running.

          • Changed and improved popup styles. Popups are not blocking the entire screen anymore.

          • Installation directory can now be selected during setup.

          • Removed constant network connection status checking.

          Right click multi-activation

          You can now right click multiple selected fonts and activate/deactivate them at once.

          Added select all shortcut

          You can now select all fonts in the current collection/search with the Ctrl/Cmd+A shortcut.

          • You can now activate/deactivate selected fonts with shortcuts: Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+A and Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+D.

          • Font information for SuperSearch should be displayed more reliably and faster now.

          • Fixed the CPU hogging issue on macOS.

          Folder auto-activation

          Now you can set up a folder to immediately activate any font that is added to that folder!

          MacOS Catalina support

          FontBase should now properly activate fonts on Catalina.

          • Fixed an issue on Awesome login page.

          • Fixed an issue with error reporting.

          • Improved custom menus and popups performance on backend.

          Collection sync

          Awesome subscribers will be able to sync collections through any cloud drive, like Dropbox or Google Drive.

          Watched folders changes

          We removed this setting, but added a button that allows you to add a folder that will be watched for file chages.

          UI improvements

          We made some tweaks here and there to make your life easier.

          • Awesome subscribers can activate collection auto-sync in settings, or import and export collections manually using a button. If auto-sync is enabled, collections are being synchronized when you open (collections are imported) or close (collections are exported) FontBase. The collections sync file is located at FontBase/.fontbase/collections.X.X.X. Currently, collection sync is only possible between the same versions of FontBase.

          • Added font extension display (OTF/TTF) to family and font names.

          • Added a visual representation for watchedf folders: they are now shown with an eye icon on the left.

          • The settings icon is now just below the other page icons on the left.

          • You can now add a collection quickly by using the Alt+C shortcut.

          • On Windows, activated fonts are now also added to registry. This should improve font visibility for some applications.

          • Updated some UI components to look more consistent though the interface.

          • Updated the settings page look and feel.

          • Fonts should now be grouped into families more correctly.


          Awesome subscribers can now search fonts by optical properties. Learn more in our blog post!

          Adobe XD compatibility

          Fonts should now be activated properly (Adobe XD might still need to be relaunched, but that is not up to us).

          Improved toolbar UI

          We now have two toolbar levels where we can add more stuff in the coming updates!

          Performance improvements

          • Changed the way how we build font families: it should work more reliably now.

          • Fixed the Restart button on our error screen.

          • Fixed pinned font family alignment issue.

          • Fixed a bug when font actions were unaccessible from certain mouse positions.

          • Code refactoring: we changed a big part of the app (this is why this update took so long) and future updates should be easier to implement now.

          Variable fonts

          We now support displaying and playing with variable fonts properties!

          Waterfall tab

          We have added a new tab with different font sizes preview on the Specimen page.

          Bug fixes and improvements

          • You can now display and experiment with variable fonts in FontBase! This feature is available on the Specimen page (the Waterfall tab) and also on our Playground page. Go ahead and test it out!

          • You can now turn auto-activation on and off on the Settings page.

          • Added a setting where auto-activated fonts can be deactivated when you quit your CC app.

          • Fixed a bug where the auto-activation plugin was causing artifact drawing issues in Adobe Illustrator.

          • The internet connection checker should now work more reliably and correctly determine when you're offline.

          Improved search

          We made some quality of life improvement to our search bar.

          Improved font rendering

          Fonts should now be displayed faster.

          Improved grid view

          We now display more grid columns if there's enough screen width.

          Bug fixes and improvements

          • The preview text field at the bottom now displays the actual entered text.

          • The 'View details' link is now displayed when you hover over a font.

          • Missing font glyphs should now be displayed as proper .notdef symbols.

          • The search bar has moved and is now at the top right.

          • Added a 'clear' button to the search field.

          • The grid view now fits a lot more fonts at the same time.

          • Changed the look of the font 'list view' icon. It now works the same way as the 'text alignment' icon.

          • Improved font list rendering. Fonts should not jump anymore when changing the styles or scrolling throught the list.

          • Fixed the bug where the app crashed when trying to set the tray icon.

          • Fixed the bug where the app crashed on network error.

          • Cleaned up the font item UI. There's now less padding and much more space is used more efficiently.

          • Added a small border to the whole window on Windows.

          • Small changes to the top panel look and feel.

          Improved auto-activation

          Should now work more reliably.

          Bug fixes and improvements

          • Fixed the issue when app was not showing up after being hidden to tray on Mac.

          • Fixed ugly squashed icon bug on Mac. Ugh.

          Changed how 'minimize to tray' works

          It is now available for everyone and can be managed in settings.

          Added 'Start on system start'

          If turned on in settings, FontBase will start when you start your computer.

          Added 'Start hidden'

          If turned on in settings, FontBase will start hidden in tray without showing the main window.

          Various fixes and improvements

          • With the three new features added ('Minimize to tray', 'Start on system start' and 'Start hidden') everyone can now use FontBase as a background process that covers all the font-related needs. FontBase will now always start in system tray first, so watch for the icon! You can toggle all of the above options in the app settings. We hope you like the new workflow!

          • Fixed the internet connection checker issue, it should now work more reliably.

          • Cmd+H now works properly on Mac!

          • Backend refactoring and updates.

          • Also, we have a blog now!

          Tags — stage one

          We are starting to introduce tags for fonts! You'll see tags appearing on your fonts gradually in the coming days.

          You can now remove Google fonts

          As many of you requested, you can now entirely remove the Google Provider from your collections.

          Improved performance and stability

          • In this update, we are trying to introduce a so called Crowd Tags™ system. With this system, every tag that you apply to a font is uploaded to our servers. If we collect more than a certain number of the same tag applied to a font, we promote the tag and it is then displayed as default for that particular font. This system will allow us to create a database of tagged fonts collectively with your help!

          • Updated app icon to match the website.

          • Minimal font size is now set to 6px instead of 2px.

          • Internet connection check should now be more reliable.

          • Activated font names on Linux should now be displayed properly.

          Reworked Google fonts

          Now you can add them to collections like any other font!

          Improved collection/folder deletion

          Now you need to open a menu and click 'Delete' in order to delete a collection or folder. No more accidents!

          Reworked text preview field

          You can now change the preview text by pressing Enter at any time.

          Better support for packaging

          Fonts are now named properly when activated and packaged.

          • The 'Google fonts' tab has now moved to the Providers section in the main Organize display. You can now add Google fonts to collections like any other font. We also added an indicator to distinguish between Google fonts and your local fonts (seen by the shape of the activate button to the left of the font name).

          • Code structure refactoring and improvement: a foundation for the tag support to come.

          • Internet connection check should now be more reliable and is displayed as a closable bar at the top of the app window.

          • You can now delete font files using the context menu.

          • Ninja feature: you can now add fonts from the web directly into the app by copying a font link and pressing Ctrl+U (Command+U) in the app. More on this in the next update.

          • You can now preview Google fonts in the Preview tab.

          • Improved font sync for network folders.

          • Added missing Google fonts.

          Added Active and Inactive collections

          These collections now contain ALL the active and inactive fonts.

          Added Group fonts by family toggle

          You can now turn font family grouping on or off in Settings.

          Bug fixes and improvements

          • The Awesome popup can now be closed with Esc key.

          • Fixed Awesome re-login issues (again).

          • FontBase now displays a spinner loader immediately after you open the app.

          • The local user database is now backed up before every update.

          • Improved file sync performance and stability.

          Font auto-activation!

          Missing fonts in your Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign documents are now activated automatically!

          Improved folder management

          You can now delete any folder you have added directly from the app.

          Improved login

          Fixed an issue where you would need to constantly re-login to Awesome.

          Improved notifications

          Now we're showing more detailed and more verbose notifications about what's happening in the app.

          • An auto-activation plugin is now installed immediately after you log into Awesome for the first time. When opening a design document with some missing fonts, FontBase will search its database for the matching font and activate it for you automatically. We plan to add support for more apps (like Sketch and Affinity) in future releases.

          • Updated Awesome page texts and look.

          • Changed notifications display order: it's now top-down.

          • Fixed multiple errors when moving the root folder.

          • Fonts are now deactivated before moving the root folder.

          • Fixed the error caused by dropping a folder into the app if it had already been added.

          • You can now toggle password visibility on the Login page.

          • Refactored and updated some older code.

          Added text alignment

          You can now set the left, center or right alignment of text in preview.

          Added opentype features

          You can now set any opentype feature for text preview.

          Minor bug fixes

          • Fixed 'maximize window' icon style on Windows.

          • Dropping files into the app should now work more reliably.

          • Login form now properly recognizes online status.

          • You should now be able to properly change the root folder location if it contains watched files.

          • Notifications now close properly.

          • Fixed the bug where fonts were not activated on Windows.

          Added 'watched folders' setting

          You can now add folders as links that will be watched instead of copied to root.

          Added 'default preview text' setting

          You can now set the default preview text on the Settings tab.

          Minor bug fixes

          • You can now add fonts to FontBase using two options. By default, when you drag a font or folder into the app, it will be copied to the root folder (you can also copy files manually to that location) and safely stored there. With the new 'watched folders' option, when dragging a folder into FontBase, only a link to it will be created in the FontBase root. So files will not be copied and only the original files and folders will be watched for changes. Any new files added to watched paths will be displayed immediately in FontBase. Use this way of managing fonts if you liked the older version of FontBase.

          • Disabled the ability to launch two FontBase instances at once.

          • Fixed the bug when fonts were not activated if the file path contained special characters.

          Minor bug fixes

          • Fixed the bug that sometimes occurred when activating Google fonts.

          • Fixed the bug that created obsolete fonts in collections after update to a new app version.

          • Fixed the bug with wrong element heights in the sidebar.

          • Fixed the rare bug that occurred when searching for fonts.

          Moved to the single-folder structure

          Now all your fonts are backed up in a safe folder inside your home dir. You can move the folder to any location via settings if you want to.

          Added Glyphs page

          You can now view and copy any glyph for any font in the Specimen page!

          Added 'minimize to tray' (AWSM)

          If you are an Awesome user, you can now minimize the app into your system tray.

          CPU usage is now 0%

          We changed the sync algorithm, so now FontBase consumes almost no processor time.

          New improved interface

          We're back to black sidebar! Lovely.

          • All fonts and folders that you add to FontBase are now copied to a safe folder in your home directory. You can change the location of FontBase directory in the new Settings page, accessible by clicking the 'three dots' icon at the bottom left corner of the app.

          • You can move the FontBase root folder to Dropbox to sync between multiple computers!Take a look

          • The new Glyphs feature is available for everyone. Free users can view only a limited number of glyphs and Awesome subscribers can view all of them. You can view the Glyphs panel by opening the Specimen page and then selecting the 'Glyphs' tab at the top.

          • You can copy any glyph to clipboard by simply clicking on it.

          • For Awesome users, to minimize FontBase to tray hold Alt and click on the 'minimize window' button.

          • Separate font files can now be added to the app and can be found in the 'All' collection.

          • Added Settings page. For now you can only change the default font size and the FontBase root folder. More settings on the way!;

          • We have reorganized the UI. Now the page tabs are on the left side and the sidebar is black. In this view it is much easier to tell what folders and collections are active and there is now a clear separation between the sidebar and main content.

          • Fixed login issues with new domain emails (like .design)

          • The entire sidebar is now displayed as a single list with a single scroll. This greatly improves navigation and overall experience.

          • On Windows, the app window controls now look like standard Windows controls.

          • Improved visibility of the Windows app icon.

          • Mac app now has a new icon.

          • Improved tooltip display and rendering.

          • Improved overall app speed on Windows.

          • You can now see a loading progress indicator when downloading an update.

          • The app now knows when an internet connection is present.

          Added Google fonts support

          Activated Collect tab. Now you can activate and use any font from Google library in a single click! Just like local fonts.

          Added grouping by family

          All fonts are now grouped by font family.

          Added specimen page

          When opening a font family, a Specimen page with all the font styles will be displayed. We will add more features to this page in the next release!

          Bug fixes

          Various bug fixes and improvements.

          • To use Google fonts, head over to the Collect tab. Here you can search by font name and browse all available Google fonts. All fonts are displayed from the web, so you will need an internet connection to be able to activate these fonts. All activated fonts will also be displayed in the Organize tab in the new Providers section. We will add many more providers to the Collect tab in the near future!

          • All fonts in a collection or folder are now grouped by font family. So if you have any fonts from one family in a collection/folder, they all will be grouped together. You can activate, favorite, pin and add to collections the entire family or a single font. Clicking the second time on a selected family will open up the Specimen page, containing all fonts from this family.

          • Fixed occasional app crashes on font sync.

          • Font sync process should consume less CPU now.

          • Fixed the bug when the app was crashing if a folder was removed while the folder tree was open in the 'Folders' section.

          • All Mac edit shortcuts (Cmd+C, Cmd+V) should work properly now. You can also use emoji now :)

          • Improved error reporting and logging.

          • Improved general app speed on Windows.

          Improvements and fixes

          This update was focused mainly on various bug fixes and performance improvements.

          Added funny quotes on startup

          • Font reactivation on app launch should now work properly.

          • Font synchronization should work much faster now.

          • Fixed a bug when the sync process stopped on corrupted font files, now they are skipped properly.

          • Font activation on Mac should now work more reliably.

          • Added an error message when the app crashes. Also critical event logs are now more detailed. This will help us with debugging different issues in the future.

          • Added info messages when dragging files into the app.

          • Improved folder selection speed and font displaying speed.

          • Added a success message after a password reset request.

          • Drastically improved performance when displaying a lot of folders (500+).

          Added Awesome

          AWSM is our paid pro subscription with a set of additional features. It should help us dedicate more time to FontBase development and improvement.

          Added Preview (BETA)

          In preview mode you can experiment with font combinations and see how your fonts will look like in real environment.

          Added grid view (AWSM)

          You can now preview your fonts in a grid layout.

          Improved interface

          We want to try different and better things, so we made some changes to our UI and color scheme. Tell us what you think about it!

          Improved font sync

          Fonts should not randomly disappear anymore!

          Improved font display

          Fonts should now display much faster and without any artifacts.

          • To read more about the Awesome version, click on the 'Become Awesome' button at the top right of the app and then select 'What's Awesome?'. The AWSM version gives you additional features for a small monthly/yearly fee. We are launching Awesome with only one feature for now, but we'll constantly keep adding new features to it.

          • To access the preview mode, click the Preview tab at the top of the app window. Here you can select an element to change its font size, line height, font family and paddings. All elements with the same name on the page share the same style, so they are updated together. This feature is still in beta and we will add much more functionality to it soon!

          • Added a right-click context menu for each font. Right now you can select 'Go to file' to open the font file in your computer's file system.

          • Implemented login functionality for the Awesome version.

          • Added font sub family to the font name.

          • Windows size is now saved and restored after app restart.

          • Clicking a folder without subfolders should not go inside of it anymore.

          • The search text is now selected when you click on the search box.

          • Improved tooltips: they are now displayed more reliably and should not be cut off by window anymore.

          • You can now unselect all selected fonts by clicking on the selection count at the bottom right of the app.

          • There is now a loading indicator when new folders/fonts are being processed.

          • Fonts can now be displayed in multiple lines.

          • Cmd and Shift keys can now be used on Mac for selecting fonts as you would expect.

          • Fonts are now displayed using a pure web render. This means you will see fonts in the same way people see fonts in the browser.

          • Fixed a rare bug where spacing between the letters in preview was too big.

          • Replaced the donation screen with the Awesome subscription suggestion.

          • Added a log file. We are now logging all the critical app info and errors into a log file on your computer. Sending the log file should help us determine what has caused the problem and fix it much faster.

          • Refactored code structure to help us work on new features faster.

          • Updated the logo. Now with 36% more love.

          • Added 'Favorite tweets' section on the website.

          • Small bug fixes and improvements.

          Improved selection

          Now Ctrl, Shift and click work as expected for font selection.

          Retina and HiDPI support

          FontBase now properly renders on retina and HiDPI screens.

          • Fonts, folders and collections are now ordered alphabetically.

          • To select a font you can now simply click on it. To select multiple fonts just hold Ctrl and click on them. Shift will select all fonts in between two selected ones. A click on a selected font while holding Ctrl will unselect it.

          • Preview text is now saved on exit and restored when the app is opened again.

          • Added a donation suggestion window, which will appear from time to time (not too often, we hope).

          Added Mac version


          Added Linux version

          Double yay!

          Added font activation

          Now you can activate a single font and it will be available across your whole system!

          Added nested folder support

          Just drag and drop a folder with subfolders into FontBase and let the magic do the rest!

          Added autosync

          Now all the changes in added folders are tracked automatically and displayed immediately in FontBase.

          Improved collections

          Now you can rename a collection and delete fonts from it.

          Greatly improved performance

          FontBase now works even faster!

          A lot of bug fixes

          And a lot of sweat and tears, also.

          • Absolutely new and improved UI.

          • We have entirely rebuilt the whole app. We now use React as our main engine. This will allow us to make improvements much more quickly in the future and the overall stability of the app is greatly improved.

          • You can now activate all fonts in a collection or folder by clicking the circle on its left.

          • You can now select multiple fonts by holding Shift and clicking on them.

          • You can now delete a font from a collection by selecting it and starting to drag it. You will see a delete section on the right side of the app. Just drop the font there and it will be removed from a collection.

          • You can now rename a collection by clicking on its name while it is selected.

          • Improved font rendering speed. Now works better with large-size font files.

          • Improved font analyzing. The app should now recognize fonts better.

          • All activated fonts are deactivated when the app is closed and re-activated when it is opened again.

          • Temporarily removed text alignment and opentype features while we're working on a better implementation.

          • Temporarily removed the 'apply text style' feature while we're working on a better implementation.

          • Improved local database speed and management.

          • Added an indicator to show when an update is downloading and when it is ready to install.

          • Automatic updates should now work on every OS.

          Added folder support

          You can now add folders with fonts to the app.

          Improved font rendering

          The fonts should take less time to display and render now.

          • All fonts in folders that are added to the app are activated automatically and available across the whole system. Fonts are deactivated when the app is closed.

          • Now when clicking on the sample text control the text is automatically selected

          • Added opentype features support. You can now select the preferred features in the dropdown menu of the toolbar.

          • The installation archive is now much smaller in size.

          • Changed the location of update files to a static managed server.

          • Fixed a bug when not all found fonts were displayed properly in the preview window.

          FontBase released to the world!