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October 24, 2017


  • Added Google fonts support

    Activated Collect tab. Now you can activate and use any font from Google library in a single click! Just like local fonts.

  • Added grouping by family

    All fonts are now grouped by font family.

  • Added specimen page

    When opening a font family, a specimen page with all the font styles will be displayed. We will add more features to this page in next release!

  • Bug fixes

    Various bug fixes and improvements.

Minor stuff

  • To use Google fonts, head over to the Collect tab. Here you can search by font name and browse all available Google fonts. All fonts are displayed from the web, so you will need an internet connection to be able to activate these fonts. All activated fonts will be also displayed in the Organize tab in the new Providers section. We will add many more providers to the Collect tab in the near future!

  • All fonts in a collection or folder are now grouped by font family. So, if you have any fonts from one family in a collection/folder they will be all grouped together. You can activate, favorite, pin and add to collections the entire family or a single font. Clicking the second time on a selected family will open up the Specimen page, containing all fonts from this family.

  • Fixed occasional app crashes on font sync.

  • Font sync process should consume less CPU now.

  • Fixed a bug, when the app was crashing if a folder was removed when the folder tree was open in the folders section.

  • All Mac edit shortcuts (Cmd+C, Cmd+V) should work properly now. You can also use emoji now :)

  • Improved error reporting and logging.

  • Improved general app speed on Windows.

September 1, 2017


  • Improvements and fixes

    This update was focused mainly on various bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • Added funny quotes on startup

Minor stuff

  • Font reactivation on app launch should now work properly.

  • Font synchronization should work much faster now.

  • Fixed a bug when the sync process stopped on corrupted font files, now they are skipped properly.

  • Font activation on Mac should now work more reliably.

  • Added an error message when the app crashes. Also critical events logs are now more detailed. This will help us with debugging different issues in the future.

  • Added info messages when dragging files into the app.

  • Improved folder selection speed and font displaying speed.

  • Added a success message after password reset request.

  • Drastically improved performance when displaying a lot of folders (500+).

August 8, 2017


  • Added Awesome

    AWSM is our paid pro subscription with a set of additional features. It should help us to dedicate more time to FontBase development and improvement. Learn more

  • Added Preview (BETA)

    In preview mode you can experiment with font combinations and see how your fonts will look like in real environment.

  • Added grid view (AWSM)

    Now you can preview your fonts in a grid layout.

  • Improved interface

    We want to try different and better things, so we did some changes to our UI and color scheme. Tell us what you think about it!

  • Improved font sync

    Fonts should not randomly disappear anymore!

  • Improved font display

    Fonts should now display much faster and without any artifacts.

Minor stuff

  • To read more about the Awesome version, click on the 'Become Awesome' button on the top right of the app, and then select 'What's Awesome?'. The AWSM version gives you additional features for a small monthly/yearly fee. We are launching Awesome with only one feature for now, but we'll constantly keep adding new features to it.

  • To acces the preview more, click the Preview tab on the top of the app window. Here you can select an element to change its font size, line height, font family and paddings. All elements with the same name on the page share the same style, so they are updated at once. This feature is still in beta, and we will add much more functionality to it soon!

  • Added a right-click context menu for each font. Right now you can selct 'Go to file' to open the font file in your computer's file system.

  • Implemented login functionality for the Awesome version.

  • Added the font sub family to the font name.

  • Windows size is now saved and restored after app restart.

  • Clicking a folder without subfolders should not go inside of it anymore.

  • The search text is now selected when you click on the search box.

  • Improved tooltips: they now display more reliable, and should not be cut off by window anymore.

  • You can now unselect all selected fonts by clicking on the selection count in the bottom right of the app.

  • There is now a loading indicator when new folders/fonts are being processed.

  • Fonts can now be displayed in multiple lines.

  • Cmd and Shift keys can now be used on Mac for selecting fonts as you would expect.

  • Fonts are now displayed using a pure web render. This means, you will see the fonts in the same way people see fonts in the browser.

  • Fixed a rare bug, when spacing between the letters in preview was too big.

  • Replaced the donation screen with the Awesome subscription suggestion.

  • Added a log file. We are now logging all the critical app info and errors into a log file on your computer. Sending the log file should help us to determine what has caused the problem and to fix it much faster.

  • Refactored code structure to help us work on new features faster.

  • Updated the logo. Now with 36% more love.

  • Added favorite tweets section on the webiste.

  • Small bug fixes and improvements.

MAY 10, 2017


  • Improved selection

    Now Ctrl, Shift and click work as expected for font selection.

  • Retina and HiDPI support

    FontBase now properly renders on retina and HiDPI screens.

Minor stuff

  • Fonts, folders and collections are now ordered alphabetically.

  • To select a font now, you can simply click on it. To select multiple fonts, just hold Ctrl and click on them. Shift will select all fonts in between two selected ones. A click on a selected font, while holding Ctrl will unselect it.

  • Preview text is now saved on exit and restored when the app is opened again.

  • Added a donation suggestion window, which will appear from time to time (not too often, we hope).

MAY 1, 2017


  • Added Mac version


  • Added Linux version

    Double yay!

  • Added font activation

    Now you can activate a single font and it will be available across your whole system!

  • Added nested folder support

    Just drag and drop a folder with subfolders into FontBase and let the magic do the rest!

  • Added autosync

    Now all the changes in your system are tracked automatically and displayed immediately in FontBase.

  • Improved collections

    Now you can rename a collection and delete fonts from it.

  • Greatly improved performance

    Now you can rename a collection and delete fonts from it.

  • A lot of bug fixes

    And a lot of sweat and tears, also.

Minor stuff

  • Absolutely new and improved UI.

  • We have entirely rebuild the whole app. We now use React as our main engine. This will allow us to do improvements much more quickly in the future and the overall stability of the app is greatly improved.

  • You can now activate all fonts in a collection or folder by clicking the circle at the left side.

  • You can now select multiple fonts by holding Shift and clicking on them.

  • You can now delete a font from a collection by selecting it and starting to drag it. You will see a delete section in the right side of the app. Just drop the font there, and it will be removed from a collection.

  • You can now rename a collection by clicking on its name, while the collection is selected.

  • Improved font rendering speed. Now works better with large-size font files.

  • Improved font analyzing. The app should now recognize fonts better.

  • All activated fonts are deactivated when the app is closed and re-activated when it is opened again.

  • Temporarily removed text alignment and opentype features until we're working on a better implementation.

  • Temporarily removed the apply text style feature until we're working on a better implementation.

  • Improved local database speed and management.

  • Added an indicator to show when an update is downloading and when it is ready to install.

  • Automatic updates should now work on every OS.

DEC 4, 2015


  • Added folder support

    You can now add folders with fonts to the app.

  • Improved font rendering

    The fonts should take less time to display and render now.

Minor stuff

  • All fonts in folders, that are added to the app are activated automatically and available across the whole system. Fonts are deactivated when the app is closed.

  • Text is automatically selected now, when clicking on the sample text control.

  • Added opentype features support. You can now select the preferred features in the dropdown menu at the toolbar.

  • The installation archive is now much smaller in size.

  • Changed the location of update files to a static managed server.

  • Fixed a bug when not all found fonts were displayed properly in the preview window.

NOV 11, 2015


  • FontBase released to the world!